Linda Varillon

Born: 02.05.1978

Employment: An FBI consultant in NY office, earlier – the Interpol (Lyon, France).

Access level: middle

Marital status: Single

Blood type: B

Education: Université de Paris – Sorbonne, France. Art history and archaeology.

Biography: Born in Lyon, France, in a wealthy aristocratic family. Parents: mother - professor at Université de Lyon, father - French ambassador to the USA. Has double citizenship: French and American. Practised fencing since early childhood and had much international success. Fluent in seven languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Swedish, German and Russian. Graduated from the Sorbonne in 2001 (degree in History of Art and Archaeology) and started working for the Interpol. Moved to NY in 2004. Offered a position at the FBI (Stolen Works of Art department). Currently - the counter-terrorism department.

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