Marcin Wawrzyniak

Alias: Don_Riper

Marketing Game tester

Motto: "Those who are so crazy to think they can change the world are those who change it indeed"

My job: My tasks include testing the game and promoting it in social media and, getting in touch with advertisers and copywriting.

Interests: My interests include IT and social media. I hang out with friends in my free time and also enjoy working in the garden.

What I like: I enjoy riding a bike, rock and metal music, movies, serials, computer games and co-operation projects.

My dislikes: Crowdy places and people with no sense of humor.

Favoritue games: Max Payne, Fallout 3, Game Dev Tycoon, Tropico 4, GTA V

About myself: I am someone who wants to be successful, I think I have some great sense of humor. Very rational and firm. My major at studies is mediaworking. IT worker.

Full version project progress:
0 %
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