Katarzyna Dzierżęga

Alias: Katarina, Deva

Graphics conceptual graphics designer

Motto: "I am holding the sheet and I am pouring ink out, because their opinion, will stay by as only their opinion"

My job: Designing graphics for the game (locations, characters, interfaces), creating illustrations

Interests: In love with artistic creativity of all kinds. Good books and poetries are her essential part of a day. Relaxing at the series and music.

What I like: Dance in the rain, honesty

My dislikes: Horrors at midnight, meat dishes

Favoritue games: The Witcher, DeadSpace, Gothic, Drakensang, The Sims 1-4, occasionally LOL

About myself: Full of joy and deadly honest girl,which still is seeking her own place in the world. The most precious value in Her Life, are wonderful people in her surrounding. In the free time she is becoming engrossed in drawing/painting. Not afraid of challenges and with determination approaching the life :)

Full version project progress:
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